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March 23, 2009:

Happy Anniversary! It’s been a little over a year since we launched the new and improved Chapter Inc. And we want to thank everyone for continuing to visit the site for all your song stat needs! The World Magnetic Tour is continuing throughout 2009, and we will be here updating all those lovely song stats along the way!

Chapter Inc.

September 12, 2008:


The lyrics and liner notes have been posted and, we promise, we don't have a grave cutting the words out. Check 'em out!

Chapter Inc.

March 3, 2008:

Phew! Here it is! The new and improved Chapter, Inc.! Now, you may be asking yourself "it looks the same, doesn't it?" Well, yeah it does. This is definitely not a redesign... but so much more. We wanted to bring the "search" aspect to the next level and, after numerous visits to the Pearl Jam site last summer, the big light bulb went off in our heads. Since then, we have been hard at work creating a brand new database and inputting ALL that data... again.

In our new database, you'll find a few new entries that you've never seen ANYWHERE. Among them is the CORRECT setlist from the Tuktoyuktuk '95 show and you will also find partial sets for the Jakarta '93 shows. All of these setlists have been officially verified. No bullshit here.

We also have a Song Stats page that includes ALL songs that Metallica have played in concert. You'll get debut dates, last played dates, as well as a count of how many times a song has been played. But wait! There's more! Our new Tour Search page gives YOU the power to make your own Metallica song stats!

We hope you enjoy the new Chapter, Inc.!

Chapter Inc. :: A Word From the Men Behind the Site
Formerly a heavy hitting chapter of The Metallica Club, Chapter Inc. exists purely as an informational resource for Metallica. Our goal, as it’s always been, is to have the most accurate and informative Metallica information that one could ever need.

The cornerstone of the site is a searchable Tour Database, including hundreds of setlists dating back to 1982. However, your information overload doesn’t stop there. Our Discography not only discusses the studio albums, but also the numerous singles released of the years and even a look at the rough demos that helped to shape the songs we know and love. Finally, you can brush up on your knowledge of The Four Horsemen, as well as the other four men who were involved with the band at some point. We thank you for your continued support and hope you find all that you may (or may not) want to know.

- D, J & E ‘08